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BIOL 130 Concepts of Human Anatomy and Physiology

The human heart is a cone-shaped muscular pump located in the mediastinal cavity of the thorax between the lungs and beneath the sternum. The cone-shaped heart lies on its side on the diaphragm, with its base the widest part upward and leaning toward the right shoulder, and its apex pointing down and to the left. Roll your mouse over the graphic to see the conical shape of the heart.

In this biological pump, the muscles of the chamber walls provide the motive force, the valves direct the flow, and the great vessels convey blood to and from body tissues.

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Most of the great vessels pulmonary trunk, aorta, and superior vena cava emerge upward from the base of the heart. The lac Operon in E. Glucagon stimulates the liver to release its stored glucose into the blood.

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When blood glucose levels return to normal, glucagon secretion stops. Such positive feedback is uncommon but does occur during blood clotting, childbirth labor contractions , lactation where milk production increases in response to an increase in nursing , and sexual orgasm.

What Is Anatomy and Physiology?

In order to accurately identify areas of the body, clearly defined anatomical terms are used. These terms refer to the body in the anatomical position—standing erect, facing forward, arms down at the side, with the palms turned forward.

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