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No events listed. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Is this you? Become a LibraryThing Author. Links Wikipedia. Member ratings Average: 3. Includes Gordon Lish is composed of 3 names. Combine with… No authors suggested. Hence the oxygen mask cover, a quiet reminder that, in Ivyland, everything has gone to shit. In every chapter, the narrative shifts time and speaker, which takes some time to sort out.

Yet, each voice is very different and engaging and believable. And what do we do when everything is trashed? We reach. We reach for intoxicants. We reach within ourselves and analyze our lives. We reach for each other. The other stories revolve around them, anecdotes within their lives.

They are both reaching for each other as their lives collapse. He says,. It began with the lights dozing, dimming away. Preoccupied, we blamed our minds. Lines of communication scraped away to useless hums, hums then exchanged for thicker silence. Once I grasped onto this relationship, the novel began to coalesce. Without it, the jumble of characters would float formless, interesting but lacking. Klee is best when he allows his characters to fall into philosophizing about the state of their lives and about Ivyland.

The plot does not support this book: the characters and their relationships, strained and filled with passion, do. Pulls away. It seems doubtful but not impossible that the denizens of in Ivyland can bridge the gap between themselves and others. What if when you played Zoo Tycoon you were actually controlling a real zoo somewhere and people were going in to see it and every time you dropped someone into the shark tank or lion exhibit and they were eaten they actually died as you laughed maniacally at your computer screen thinking your playing God was harmless.

So I have these two friends that I go to school with that are dating and before they started dating they were really good friends and I just thought that they were good friends and ended up liking each other later but I was talking to the girl today and she said that her and the boy were only friends for a short time when their mutual friends wanted them to date so they fake dated for two months just as a joke. So after two months they told the girl that it was all a lie but then they realized that they actually did like each other and started dating a month late.

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I thought these things only happened in movies. Help please! You know like get backstage at a concert, skinny dip, etc, but you know, more creative. After watching Glorious 39 all I want to do is wear tea dresses and slacks and clothes which are structured properly and have my hair in siren curls and listen to the likes of the Andrew Sisters and Cole Porter. You have to be at least 13 years old to use Tumblr. Ask your parents for an Xbox or try books.

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Read the last ayah or towards the end surah too and the tafseer of Bukhari version narrated by Ibn Abbas is great. Its so powerful that even the non-muslims the Quraish ones and muslims prostrated together to one God Allah united together in front of Kabah. Except Mughirah an evil person Allah mentioned him in surah Muddathir read if you like to know about his matter he just put some sand on his forehead and said this is good enough for him.

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Meaning that killing daughters and keep the sons just read the whole surah you will get it. Tagged by the wonderful sunaddicted. Male: Oh gosh, where do I even start? I love Voldemort as a character, and Sirius Black. I love Wednesday from American Gods.

Female: Hermione Granger is not someone to mess with. I like the Lady, who features heavily in a lot of the early Rincewind-centric Discwold books. I like Coraline. I always like Cimorene from Patricia C. Books: Tolkien, Pratchett, and Gaiman are the authors I love unreservedly my favorite from each? Silm, Hogfather and American Gods, respectively. I love Harry Potter. I love the Shadow of the Wind. Brideshead Revisited, Atonement, Wuthering Heights.

I just love books ok. When I was a kid I liked Pokemon a lot. That was pretty much my go-to game. I played basketball and volleyball in high school, and ran track. I hate getting excited when I talk about something and start bubbling over. God when will I stop referencing that movie? When will I stop quoting that book? Do I ever shut up? No one wants to hear it.

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