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Fandorin is first arrested for the crime, but quickly released when the train pulls into Moscow and the General's staff realise their blunder.

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The murder threatens the career of Prince Dolgorukoi, Moscow's elderly governor-general, and Fandorin's greatest fan. He asks Fandorin to investigate, even though someone new, Prince Pozharsky, has been sent from St. Petersburg to head the investigation. The head of the CG is a man named Mr.

The State Counsellor, By Boris Akunin | The Independent

Green, the son of a Jewish pharmacist whose family suffered very badly from the pogroms. He bears a grudge and, together with his fellow revolutionaries, seeks vengeance. He is a man of steel, who has toughened himself so much that he is a worthy, and daunting, adversary. However, this is a battle between good and evil and Fandorin reminds us that two wrongs never make a right as he battles against Green in a test of wills.

The mystery surrounds the mole: who is the leak? And what motivates them? This is what Fandorin must find out, even if it means that he places his own lover, the fiery Esfir, under suspician.

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In the end, Fandorin becomes so disillusioned that he walks away from promotion, and to the life of a civilian, at last. Read more Read less. Review 'Lively characters and a sinuous plot amply explain why Akunin's Fandorin thrillers have sold in their millions. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. February 21, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Once again we are treated to a well-written tale concerning Erast Fandorin who, in this installment, is working for the Governor of Moscow.

A series of assassinations, near assassinations, and robberies brings out all of the law enforcement forces in Moscow to solve the crimes, and Erast is part of the group There is a mystery here becasue the head of the revolutionaries, a Mr. Green, keeps receivng secret instructions as to where to find victims, and what to do. It appears to Fandorin that there is a traitor in the government ranks, and that is one of the tasks he sets himself to solve.

Along the way he becomes intimately involved with a beautiful young lady whose sympathies lie with the bomb throwers, but he is drawn to her despite this, and despite the fact that he suspects that she may be the person passing on the information. There are a myriad of other suspects as well, and the tale moves along briskly. The time period is never really given, but from surrounding situations it appears to take place sometime during the reign of Nicholas II's father. That means the 19th century is slowly drawing to its end, although there is more than a decade to go, and possibly more.

Some "modern" inventions are mentioned: the telephone, electric lights and the phonograph, so Russia had those things in some degree for the well-off while the workers and peasants barely survived.

Be warned: the body count is pretty high, and there's one scene with Fandorin escaping from the top of a building which tends to strain belief, but I suppose anything is possible. In the end the identity of the traitor is revealed and justice, of a sort, is meted out to various characters. Fandorin ends the book by deciding that, at least for the time being, he has had enough of government work, and wishes to retire to private life. I suspect that, in the next book, Erast will be back solving mysteries, either for the government or for private clients. Whichever way he works I will be there to read and cheer him on.

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August 30, - Published on Amazon. A friend recommended it to me. It's set just prior to the Russian Revolution so it has some historical context. The book has good insight, as I see it, into the Russian psyche, but since I am not Russian I suppose it's difficult to tell.

The State Counsellor: Erast Fandorin 6

Still, the book is suspenseful and the author does a great job of surprising you when you least expect it. Please Contact Us.

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    Online Only. The killer, d Can Fandorin escape suspicion A battle of wills and ideals, revolutionaries and traditionalists and good versus evil. When will my order arrive? What happens if the goods are damaged when I open them up? You might also like. Ships in days.