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How many stories have you had in National Geographic?

For over 30 years, audiences around the world have followed Indiana Jones on his quests for adventure, fortune, and glory. Explore fascinating real-world archaeological artifacts, along with an extensive collection Meet Spinosaurus. At over 50 feet long, 20 feet high and weighing 6 tongs, Spinosaurus is the largest predatory dinosaur to ever roam the Earth—even bigger than T. Experience the excitement, science, challenge, and eye-opening wonder of the most ambitious space expeditions ever undertaken in this stunning exhibition.

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Featuring the latest images taken by the Curiosity rover, many For the last decade, some of the most powerful stories have been produced by a new generation of 11 female photojournalists. These women share a commitment to storytelling that has Throughout history many gardens were designed expressly for nighttime viewing. In this role I also had the opportunity to aid graphic editors in cartographic design for magazine maps, and also had the opportunity to take more of a lead in designing maps for feature stories.

Recently, I was promoted to Production Cartographer, and now work on maps that appear in National Geographic books and atlases.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) April 2016 Available on Newsstands Now

I will also be working on cartography for map supplements aka the big fold out maps that appear in the middle of the magazine from time to time , and will contribute maps for magazine feature stories a few times per year. As advice to future cartographers, I recommend taking as many cartography and GIS courses as possible during your time as an undergraduate, but I also recommend diversifying your course load with human geography, history, and environmental studies courses.

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There have been many times here at National Geographic where a general understanding of human geography, history, and other social sciences has been a lifesaver. I also recommend getting as much real-world experience as possible in your field prior to graduating.

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