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Here, ongoing research projects with a similar perspective on science and society will be compared to the above described case, with the purpose of receiving a thick description of how knowledge and politics interact and thereby co-produce social order. Merging the notion of co-production with empirical cases in Sweden has not been done this thoroughly before.

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By means of this concept it has been studied how different groups and actors in society has been assigned different rights and duties towards scientific knowledge. The general aim of this project is to study the purpose of the establishment and reformulation of the third assignment with reference to scientific citizenship. The goals and different practices undertaken at the national policy level, the higher education system and local university settings are all in focus.

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The project hereby analyzes the interaction of macro, meso and micro levels of the scientific citizenship as expressed in political, legal and university documents of the third assignment. Hereby the construction of rights and duties of the different actors in relation to science and research in the Swedish context will be highlighted and contextualized. The project brings together recently developed concepts in PUS-research with new empirical material in a novel way addressing highly relevant questions of science and democracy.

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Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science. Svenska Listen.

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    Research Expand Research Minimize Research. Cooperation Expand Cooperation Minimize Cooperation. Typical topics might include:. SpringerBriefs in Health Care Management and Economics showcase emerging theory, empirical research, and practical application in health care, health economics, public health, managed care, operations analysis, information systems, and related fields, from a global author community.

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