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Party Ever. MG: My two milestone birthdays were probably my worst. On my 18th, after downing yard glass after yard glass, we had an all-in brawl involving mates of mates. We were just way too drunk. And for my 21st I was in England upstairs at a pub having a beer on my own. So I had all my mates around for a party and sent dad to the video store to get Friday the 13th Part 2 for us. He came back with The Deer Hunter. All rights reserved.

For international publishing or licensing inquiries: maximworld maxim. I start to recite the incidents back at her, counting on my fingers and then giving up after two. The specifics have gotten blurry. The video, in which Charli had a supporting role, was a scene-for-scene re-creation of the Valley girl classic Clueless: an orgy of cheerleaders, house parties, and red cups. Swear on your life. If you put this in, I will literally hate you forever and ever and I will ruin your life. Do you swear?

An exchange about our respective hotelroom habits shifts easily to porn. The night she got so drunk with a member of cutesy boy band 5 Seconds of Summer, she had to cancel her flight. The long, hungover appearance on live British TV, during which she kept a bucket under the table to barf in and napped on a sofa between segments. I threw up in it three times. But ask about her, the woman named Charlotte Emma Aitchison, and the exuberance quickly fades. And she means it.

ACT/Canberra Maxim, Australian Swimwear Model of the Year

From all appearances, we are having fun — joking, laughing, getting utterly plastered. When I was a teenager in London, a group of eager promoters managed briefly to circumvent the authorities and stage a series of wild bacchanals in warehouses on the outskirts of the city. Think Lord of the Flies but with girls and ketamine and nobody named Piggy. In between DJ sets, live performers would come on, including a memorable year-old girl who was usually wearing three clashing vintage outfits and hippie face paint, with wild black hair.

Her songs were about club kids who thought they were all that in other words, her audience. But I loved it. There were yearolds on the covers of London fashion magazines, mostly just because they were such hard-core partyers. Charli was a part of the first generation of teenagers to start developing their personal brands while still in homeroom.

She was a doer, not an analyser. So she focused on writing music, for herself and for others. She gave it to Icona Pop, and when the song blew up, Charli, then 20, heard her vocal was still on the record. More hits followed. Now she is here — at this bar, at seemingly every bar — promoting her album Sucker and apparently enjoying the spoils.

But she insists otherwise. I like dwelling in my sadness. I ask her to square the two. My dad always used to encourage me to dress weird. I see the connection. Drinks keep coming; the interview has disintegrated. I take this as my cue to leave. At one point she just collapses on the floor and keeps singing. She is a ball of raw energy, and a jolt to the tween girls here with KP painted on their foreheads. By the end, they squeal for a Charli encore. I go backstage.

A pop star is an unserious thing. Charli is starting a publishing company and has begun managing other singers. She is also still a pop star opening up for Katy Perry. But before I can propose my psychoanalysis, she starts telling me about the Grammys. I think what Charli is trying to say is: This is fun, for now. Born out of Kickstarter, the concept provides you with the framework to combine the components of a mountain bike, with those of a xr50 pitbike, to create a hybrid with both pedals and an engine.

The exercise benefits of the pedalling need little explanation, but it also helps the environment get fit, as you can get km on a litre of fuel with this thing… if you wanted to cruise inter-state! But he does have a remedy. His San Francisco—based start-up, Slack, has built a billion-dollar brand by alleviating the pain of workplace culture.

A software application that allows teams to collaborate through group messaging, file sharing, and person-toperson chat, Slack replaces the most soul-deadening rituals of the information economy: the reply-all e-mail thread, the daily status meeting, and the conference call. It also supports custom emojis. Butterfield, 41, knows from soul-deadening. He sold his last company, the photo-sharing service Flickr, to Yahoo, working there for three brutal years while the Web behemoth bled the life from his creation — and then quitting with a now legendary e-mail.

Fortunately, as every gamer knows, you can always respawn and try again. No running water, no electricity. When I was 12, I changed my name from Dharma to Stewart. At that age, you just want to be normal. It was making money; it was still bigger than Google. But when I got there, I learned what a disaster of a company looks like from the inside. There were a lot of vice presidents, and it was basically a turf battle between them. Most of the energy went into politicking and infighting.

A friend of mine finished his Ph. That was my future. This was , the early days of the dot-com stuff. I had a lot of friends who knew how to make Web pages. They were moving to San Francisco, making twice as much money and having lots of fun. So I dropped out. There are a lot of people in Silicon Valley who say that your execution matters a lot more than your idea. The fact that both the initial game ideas failed but something else worked is nice evidence for that position. If we had started this product three years ago, it would not have taken off like this.

To all the people who happily do a good job, I am grateful, and to all the people who do a terrible job of simple things, I hate you. Not only is the Start Menu — removed in Windows 8 — back by popular demand, but Metro apps can also appear in tiled windows, too. Face recognition software now means you can log directly in to the PC, including all your settings and apps, just by showing it your melon. Fingerprints are also acceptable. Universal Apps will allow certain programs to work across all your Windowspowered hardware from the one purchase.

Using a feature called Continuum, you can even start software using an app on one device, and then continue your activity on another seamlessly. An AI virtual assistant is included with Windows After years of falling behind the pack with its browser, Microsoft is ditching Internet Explorer and delivering a new program called Edge for all your web surfing needs.

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A lot of the included apps, including the music and video previewing features, have had a complete overhaul adding a lot of base functionality and the ability to re-download media across formats. OneNote and Outlook have also been updated significantly. Some games also work across PC and Xbox One, online and offline. Windows 10 will launch with a user-friendly software development kit specifically designed to help iOS and Android developers bring their games and apps across to the PC.

What does Australia have to do to win this Ashes series? To begin with, everyone has to stay fit. The conditions are going to suit the fast bowlers so we need them to take care of themselves. The top order batsman are really important, so no injuries to them. What are the pros for both teams? What is your greatest Ashes memory? Beating England in Australia in My last ever series playing international cricket and to beat the old enemy in a whitewash, and pull their pants down, was a lot of fun.

Individually, my favourite highlight was bowling the Mike Gatting delivery in , which was a. To do that in a first Ashes tour, first ball in England in a first Ashes Test, was pretty cool. Did you always want to be a professional sports star? Unfortunately, they released me in so I had a year off, went to England in , and basically got back and played cricket for Australia 18 months later. So, cricket sort of found me. And, obviously, you learnt to love it? It actually bored me in the summer.

I just wanted to be down the beach with my friends but I played because my friends did. Then I got a taste of playing international cricket and I was very determined to become the best version of myself and the best cricketer I could be. I like to think I repaid the faith the selectors showed in me at such a young age. I was 21 or 22 and only really played a couple of state games for Victoria before playing for Australia. Who was your biggest inspiration at the time? Allan Border. He is the Godfather of Australian cricket and an absolute legend.

We beat everyone at home and away and AB was overseeing it. When he retired he helped a lot of us out and he was the most helpful person to me. Him and Ian Chappell. They were both big influences for me. My personal favourite was when I called Ian Bell the Sherminator just because he looks like the Sherminator. The Ashes really defines every Australian and English cricketer.

Out of all the world cricket played, the Ashes is the most watched and most interesting even for non-cricket lovers. It just means so much and really has the ability to capture the imagination of the public. What really happens in the Aussie change rooms after a victory? He had the ability to put a normal stubby, not a twist top, in his teeth and just rip it open. Everyone just cringed and he just did it all night. Strong teeth!

He liked to do that. More information And what was your forte? I was the DJ in the dressing room. I just chilled out in the corner playing tunes for the lads. Yeah, I got louder later, but only after a win. You know, just enjoy the moment and take it all in. I played in nine or 10 Ashes series and only lost one, so there was plenty of celebrating going on. I was lucky to play in a really good team and incredible era of.

Australian cricket. The best celebration we had? The one at The Oval was pretty outrageous. I think we went directly back onto the flight so we flew back to Australia with severe hangovers. We all slept the majority of the way. So what exactly did this big night entail? Just all the boys going out, having way too much to drink, telling each other how much we love one another and how great we are too! Those were the days. God, I was 23 turning 24 at the end of the series. I was a youngster. You were almost in your prime, Shane!

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You get better as you get older, Laura. Do you really think so? Oh, most Sundays or Saturdays or Fridays. The worst? God, they definitely know how to drink! Did you then give yourself a bit of a break? Maybe a detox? Yeah I gave myself an uppercut and a detox. Probably telling the dad jokes! Ah, I was embarrassed to say the least and apologised to her. What have you learned about women over the years?

Oh, hello! They may not like the answers but they will respect you for that. For instance, if you come home from. And a man has to be in charge, in a nice way with a bit of charm, not arrogantly but with understanding and respect. OK, so if you were to take me on a date where would we go? Apart from red wine what drink could I buy you? Well I like hard liquor, I like vodka. I like a nice cold beer in summer but if we were going out for a few drinks together vodka would be my drink of choice… and maybe a shot of fireball.

Do you have a party trick you can impress me with? Russell Gilbert and Glenn Robbins have showed me some card and cigarette tricks. Michael Clarke is a huge fan of it, he asks me to do them all the time. It really annoys him. Who was the last person to see you naked? Oh, um, ohhh My bathroom is full of mirrors and so is my bedroom. How often do you light all of them?

MAXIM ASMY - Yana Vozharovskaya

Um… often. I can only imagine! Well, I collect watches. I have a few expensive watches by Panerai and Breitling. They cost an arm and half an elbow. Oh, and my leg as well. What was your first car? A TC Cortina! It was a really sad colour, too, like a creamy beige shocker.

I think I had it when I played my first Shield game for Victoria. I think it was worth more than the car. Do you mean with another guy or a woman? So, a quick knee to the balls always fixes them up. Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day I would… Call it National Fun Day where everyone has the day off to do whatever they want. Sounds like bedlam. What would you do? Just have an awesome night with hopefully a happy ending at the end.

We all like happy endings, Laura. Dodge is all about major destruction on the road and this year they have given breath to their fastest, most track-handy street legal Viper — the ACR American Club Racing. Expect to see this grippy Viper out later this year. After Ferrari built him an Enzo and F, the former film director decided he could do better than the exotic car legends and with the SCG, he may have.

But why the moniker? Recently displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, the car is built completely original, from the carbon fibre chassis across to the aerodynamic paneling. Underneath sits a twin-turbo V6 derived from a Honda Performance Development block which James hopes comes good when he enters the chaotic Hour Nurburgring race soon.

That is, the price of a waterfront home with no cup holder. With Yamaha, BMW and Suzuki dominating the recent trend towards adventure-tourers over sport-tourers, Kawasaki has been forced into high gear. The earlier Versys model did have elements of a dual-sport, but with a face more scrap-heap than showroom. This year it has been redesigned to reflect the Ninja range, with twin headlights and sharper lines as designer weapons. With great power from the Ninja and Z four-cylinder engine comes extra ponies up to 88kW and quicker torque rpm earlier — thanks to two new air intake passages, upgraded injectors, and revised ignition timing.

Well it is; with its long-travel suspension 5. Full back? Microscopic bikini bottoms? Add her cred in high-fashion circles — shoots in Vogue and a campaign for Michael Kors — and Aldridge has won the Triple Crown of modelling. The attention, she admits, is flattering. OK, there are plenty of both. But there are also 3 a. Aldridge and Followill also have a two-and-ahalf-year-old daughter, Dixie Pearl. The gap in her teeth is arresting, just enough of an imperfection to make her seem real. I mean, I high-five people.

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The skirts were down to your ankles. On a recent swimsuit shoot in Hawaii, Aldridge and the photo crew hiked to a secluded beach, where she shed her clothes and began posing in a tiny black bikini. Two days later paparazzi pictures emerged — taken by a drone that had hovered over the ocean, unseen.

After months of meticulous planning, they were about to embark on one of the boldest and most inventive heists of all time. Maybe it had already come and gone? Then Fleka spotted it. Though at first he spoke no English, Adnan was friendly and sharp-witted and soon found work as a room-service attendant at the DoubleTree Hotel in Scottsdale, where his mother, a schoolteacher in her native country, worked as a maid. At the used-car auction in Phoenix, he recognised an opportunity — he could snap up cheap vehicles, clean and repair them, and resell them on Craigslist for a hefty profit.

Too much comfort, perhaps. As his businesses flourished and Adnan grew his staff, he suddenly found himself with plenty of free time. It was the first time Adnan had ever been inside a casino. It was his next visit a couple weeks later that got him hooked. Inside, time seemed to stand still, as a symphony of slot machines dully jingled, waitresses doled out free drinks, and dealers spun cards. When at last they headed out to the parking lot, it was always a surprise to see the sun coming up.

Some nights Adnan won big, especially at first, but over time the losses came more frequently and spiralled ever higher. Why would Adnan keep coming back, flushing away his hard-earned cash? Each trip to the tables presented a fresh opportunity to come roaring back, and on the nights he won big, the adrenaline surge was beyond euphoric.

Over the next several years, Adnan drained cash from office accounts to spend at Casino Arizona, and without money to pay his employees, they slowly melted away, leaving only Fleka; his sister, Adnana; and a few others scrambling to keep his businesses afloat. One evening, Adnan scraped together a few hundred bucks and made the familiar drive to Scottsdale to gamble. But this time, he was on a tear. On principle, he refused, and the guards hustled him toward the doors.

Adnan was furious. He shouted at casino workers and even shoved a guard, and as they escorted him out of the building, they told him he was banned. Eighty-sixed from Casino Arizona, he started visiting neighbouring casinos, arriving full of hope, and leaving, most nights, broke and desperate. Late one night, while heading home on the freeway, Adnan pulled over to take a leak. Afterward, he peered over the guardrail, looking down an embankment to the desert floor 30 feet below, and in the dim starlight glimpsed a dark, hollow shape that appeared to be the mouth of a tunnel. The entrance was as round and wide as a car, and he was able to walk in without even ducking his head.

It twisted under the road, then doglegged to the right, disappearing into darkness toward the Casino Arizona. The next morning at Alisic Motors, Adnan grinned at Fleka. Later that night, they dressed in dark clothes, burned over to Scottsdale, and parked at a shopping centre near the tunnel entrance. Waiting for a lull in traffic, they scrambled across the freeway and down the embankment, into the opening.

The stench was overpowering. Their flashlights shone across a trickle of trash and raw sewage. Graffiti covered the walls. Rats scampered past empty beer bottles.

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Some pathways forked off in mysterious directions; others curved back and forth and came to a dead end. Where the main tunnels ended, Adnan noticed giant green plastic pipes, several feet in diameter. Banging his Maglite against them produced an indeterminate hollow sound. Using power saws from the auto-body shop, they cut their way through eight inches of plastic tubing before striking metal. Adnan drove back to the shop to retrieve a welding mask and acetylene torches, and returned to shear open the green pipe, revealing a ventilation shaft just wide enough for a man to crawl into.

Adnan and Fleka ducked their heads inside and aimed their flashlights into the looming shadows. Adnan squeezed himself inside the green pipe, lay back on the board like a luge racer, fired up the. The exhaust had nowhere to go, and he began to cough and choke as the fumes filled his lungs. Beneath Dobson Road and Indian Bend, he sank to the ground, unable to breathe. No, he thought. He picked himself up and dived down the next stretch of pipe. His lungs burned. His vision swam with purple stars.

Several times, he nearly passed out before shaking himself awake again and willing himself onward. Now have you had enough? After several minutes, he collected himself and slowly lifted his head. Though his father sometimes got drunk and roughed up his mum and sister, his childhood was mostly a happy one. He played soccer, swam in the river, and explored back alleys. Then, when he was 12, everything changed. Serbian nationalist leader Slobodan Milosevic seized power and began using the Yugoslav Army, along with Bosnian Serb militias, to target Bosnian Muslims and Croatian Catholics through an infamous ethnic cleansing campaign.

Soon the country was engulfed in a brutal sectarian war. Vans and SUVs stuffed with soldiers prowled the city, dragging away dissenters, who were rarely seen again. For months Adnan bought and sold eggs and candles at a bustling black market in town, stopping on his way home to buy food for his family. Cigarettes, he soon realised, turned a far higher profit. Across the countryside, Serb fighters were executing a ruthless campaign of ethnic cleansing, burning villages, raping women and girls, and slaughtering Muslims and Croatians by the dozens — even the hundreds.

As the conflict escalated, Adnan, a street urchin creeping. One night, he recalls, he slipped into a darkened train car and found it crammed with the murdered corpses of men, women, and children, en route to a mass grave. Another time, a train he was on stopped on the way back to Banja Luka, and as he hid in the bushes, Serb commandos poured off the train into a nearby village. Adnan watched them round up villagers and execute them. On occasion, he was shot at by police and soldiers, and he was twice grazed by bullets. Once he was captured by police, who savagely tortured him for four days before he escaped.

Adnan was beyond broke, his businesses in shambles, his debts climbing dangerously. He worked around the clock, racing to prepare for the heist. Without fail, an armoured truck delivered millions in cash each morning, parking in an alley behind the casino. Adnan knew that each truck carried two armed guards. A third guard followed in a backup vehicle. Adnan was adamant that he and Fleka and their crew pull off the heist without using actual weapons. The last thing he wanted was a firefight, which risked a guard or bystander getting shot, not to mention himself.

The plan was devilishly creative. As Adnan envisioned it, he and Fleka would pull up behind the truck as the guards unloaded the cash, blast them with pepper spray, and grab the cash. To discourage the guards from reaching for their handguns, Fleka would brandish the fake AK Law enforcement would surround the van, caught in a tense standoff with a blow-up doll, at which point a fuse would ignite two gas cans, engulfing the van — and any remaining evidence — in flames. Meanwhile, Adnan and Fleka would zoom a couple of miles through the sewer tunnels on ATVs, then enter the green underground ventilation pipes, crawling 20 metres to another vertical shaft.

The drivers would rocket them to a second set of getaway cars before meeting at a hotel room several miles north to split the cash. Adnan had bought. Every piece of gear — the pepper spray, the ski masks, the fake gun — had been bought with cash in various distant suburbs. He knew that a million dollars in twenties and hundreds could fit into a duffel bag, and that police dogs at airports were trained to sniff out bundles of US dollars — but not euros. A few weeks beforehand, a pair of Bosnian brothers named Dinko and Ivica whose help Adnan had enlisted dropped out; the plan was just too risky.

Meanwhile, Fleka was refusing to pull the heist without a gun. But they were in too deep to turn back now. The armoured truck pulled into the lot and rolled down the side alley, headed for its usual drop point. Adnan followed in the van. They passed an armed guard, loping in the same direction. Holstered at his side was a shiny service revolver. Fleka saw the weapon and began screeching at Adnan. Adnan donned a knit hat and a pair of ski goggles. Stepping from the van, he readied a canister of pepper spray. Brown later described what he saw in a statement to the FBI: A green work van parked behind the armoured truck.

He saw a man in work clothes approach the guard outside the truck, Joshua Ouellette. Then a yellow cloud appeared, and Ouellette fell to the pavement, writhing in agony. Brown dived behind a ventilator, realising they were under attack. Chris Williams, the guard behind the wheel, collapsed in a spasm of hacking coughs. His own eyes tearing up and burning, Adnan raced to the open doors of. He then pushed it alongside his van and yanked open the doors in back, shouting for Fleka to help him dump the money inside.

Fleka leaped from the van, ski mask over his face, letting loose a battle cry and wildly swinging the fake AK. Help me get the money in the van! More precisely, she studies the production and communication of scientific knowledge on chemical risks in their social, economic and political context. In her recent projects, her focus is on the particular category of substances called endocrine disrupters. Keywords: controversy analysis, sociology of expertise, uncertainty assessment, policies of green innovation, policies of chemical risks, uncertainty communication, multicriteria analysis, REACH Regulation, green chemistry, endocrine disrupters.

Lecoq, P. Maxim, L. Full text. Dulong de Rosnay, M. Maxim L. Spangenberg, J. Book description. Grabar, N. Rico-Lattes, I. Late lessons from early warnings, vol. Proceedings online. Marion, G. Rodriguez Labajos, B. Livrable 2. Emond, C. Blanchemanche, S. Foucart, S. Barra, M.